BetGold offers betting services on selected racing events around Australia and the major sporting codes and sports events throughout the country.

Transactions are completed on course both face to face and by telephone at the Gold Coast Turf Club on race days and at other times by telephone seven days a week. Online betting will be available in future development of our website.

Phone 02 9571 0408 to place your bets, 7 days a week

Betting options offered by BetGold include:


  • fixed price
  • win and place
  • top fluctuation as advertised on the Australian prices network (metropolitan)
    (Top fluctuation bets must be recorded 30 minutes or more prior to official race start times)
  • when necessary, the odds for the place will be quoted; for example, where there is an odds-on favourite or where there are insufficient starters. BetGold also reserves its right to disallow place betting on a particular event.
  • TAB (tote) Matched (metropolitan)
  • provincial (middle TAB dividend matched)
  • promotional specials


  • futures
  • and a wide range of other options depending on the sporting event

To protect both our clients and our business, all telephone conversations with BetGold are recorded on an approved voice recording system. In the unlikely event of a disputed transaction, the recorded telephone call will be re-played to confirm the details of the betting transaction.