Clients and/or account customers must be 18 years or older.

Account balances must have a credit balance at all times. If an account reaches a zero balance, the client will be required to top up their account in order to continue betting.

Clients may request an account balance confirmation; clients will also be able to request a statement of betting transactions and running balance of their account. This will be forwarded via email as an attachment. Clients should ensure they have appropriate anti-virus and internet security software installed on their computers or mobile devices.

Clients will be required to provide banking details and proof of identification otherwise deposits and or credit balances may be held for 90 days under Australian law.

To protect both our clients and our business, all telephone conversations with BetGold are recorded on an approved voice recording system. Where a dispute or complaint arises, the recorded telephone calls will referred to to confirm the details of the bet placed.

BetGold Pty Ltd reserves its rights under the Rules of Racing in Queensland to limit liabilities.